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The Black Belt Journey

Our childrens' lives are precious and time is fleeing. The majority of their time during the day is being invested in getting an education. School should be an environment in which our children should feel safe to enjoy their education and learn to make respectful and trustworthy relationships.


The goal of the Black Belt Journey program is to instill confidence by developing the skill of self defense through the martial arts training in karate, tae kwon do, and jiujitsu. Our objective is to empower your child to overcome the bully's ability to control and harm your child’s wellbeing. 


The Black Belt Journey’s vision is to model and teach verbal assertiveness so your child is less likely to become a victim to a confrontation with a bully. 

Our self defense curriculum is centered on self control, personal awareness, and the use of nonviolent techniques to stay safe during a physical attack. Our philosophy for self defense application is to use leverage based techniques to escape an aggressive attack. For more aggressive attackers the student is encouraged to use physical control to neutralize the attacker through pain compliance while using physical violence as a last resort. Preparing your child to defend against bullies is our main focus for Black Belt Journey training. 

Black Belt Martial Arts Center's goal is to provide a culture of training and perseverance and to develop students who enjoy practice and while instilling dynamic habits to passionately work towards and achieve the goal of earning a Black Belt.


Black Belt Confidence


Decreased level of self esteem in our children can be a much more disheartening problem when a child becomes a victim to bullying. Children who do not report an incident from bullying are more likely to encounter more demoralizing effects both physically and emotionally throughout the school year and during their life.


Fear should not be an attribute deeply rooted in a child’s powerlessness to confidently confront a bully and their inability to assure their personal safety. The Black Belt Journey training is focused on teaching your child to confront the bully verbally and if necessary to defend themselves when physically attacked. 


We teach self defense techniques completely as a a way of personal awareness and self defense. What makes our martial arts program unique is we instruct students in training to develop their self defense skill as a final means of personal protection. We believe it is possible to peacefully resolve all confrontation with words and without the use of violence and physical aggression. 


Our self defense program offers techniques to non violently, and when necessary, violently neutralize a physical attack to gain a point of reference and gain control until the physical threat is neutralized or until help has arrived. 


The Black Belt Journey also teaches fighting techniques in the form of strikes of the hand and the foot as a means to inflict fear, panic, and pain to safely reach the objective of creating distance and time to escape the control of an aggressive attacker. 

Black Belt Character Development

Our vision for each Black Belt Journey  class is to encounter each student anew, to develop and foster a relationship to mentor and guide each student to reach the goal of black belt. Through their martial arts experience , our hope is that your child may develop character to experience success in the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual areas of life. Our Black Belt Journey character development program is unique and emphasizes respect and responsibility as a means for self discipline and for developing mature and healthy work habits. Class attendance is a prerequisite to move up in rank and is the key to success in mastering and reaching the goal of black belt. Students who have excellent attendance will be rewarded!  

Black Belt Martial Arts Teaching Philosophy

Our curriculum teaches all self defense and fighting techniques in the form of play and serious fun. Our goal is to build a powerful imagination which encompasses an enthusiastic and highly motivating learning environment. The black belt way to teaching when a student makes a mistake is to focus and emphasize on what the student did well rather than focusing on how they executed the technique wrongly. We believe that positive reinforcement is what helps each martial artist reach their fullest potential. When a student's behavior becomes unsafe, only then do we immediately correct and redirect the student's behavior.  Working as a team and treating one another with respect is our responsible way to ensuring a safe and fun training experience for all. 

The Right Black Belt Program

Our Black Belt Journey program makes every effort to provide a specific environment for beginner, intermediate, and advanced rank students by providing rank specific classes. The Black Belt Journey program separates kids by age and experience so that every child is more likely to receive the balance of fun and is physically challenged in every class. All practice is taught and encouraged as a play fight experience so overtime more natural and mature understanding of the technique is developed. Each student is expected to demonstrate and coordinate mental and physical maturity before being promoted to the next training program. 


We invite you, and would be honored to have the opportunity to have your child become a part of the Black Belt Journey!

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